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Me watching 99% of anime: That voice sounds familiar

taekai at the arcade ft. taemin’s mad skills

xxxbloshitup whispered: Gdragon, myungsoo, Sehun

Myungsoo, g dragon, sehun~

2/ - AJ GIFSETS. ♥


ok but for real we all have at least one person we’d go full-on anime protagonist to protect



Soohyun teasing Kiseop (◔ ⌣ ◔)

Me on the first day of school: How do you pencil


some 13 year olds are dumb as hell but some 16 year olds are dumb as hell too so its not an age thing some people are just fucking dumb as hell

redbean ice cream: ideal partner
greenbean Popsicle: smth im jealous of
mochi ice cream: what i look for in a friend
mango ice cream: a tumblr ship (or any ship you'd like to ask about!)
strawberri froyo: top 3 insecurites
mint choco froyo: 3 things im proud of
cookies and cream froyo: 3 things you can do to make me automatically like you
orange ice cream: something ive always wanted to tell somebody
jasmine tea: an unpopular opinion that i have
orange tea: a secret that i've kept
oolong tea: my first love
strawberry tea: favourite outfit
bubble tea: fashion pet peeve
strawberry iced tea: your best feature


i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear

Some things you can’t resist: Soohyun performing Alone.

Isn’t it sad, admitting that? You’re use to being hurt, played, cheated on, taken for granted, backstabbed, etc., To the point where nothing really seems to matter to you anymore. To the point where it seems like no one cares about your feelings and thoughts. And to the point where you know someone hurt you so much, your last reply is “it’s fine, I’m used to it.”